What I can do for you
I have provided quality, low cost photographs and graphics for clubs, businesses, families, individuals and events in the Yass Valley. I don’t have formal qualifications but I do have a passion for images and am a stickler for detail.

Concert photography
Club event photography
Public event photography
Landscapes for the house-proud and property owners
Photos of your business
Logo design
Image restoration
Image editing for serious or not so serious reasons!

I normally provide hard copy prints at the conclusion of a project and these can range from simple postcard prints to large posters depending on image suitability. If you would like copies of the digital files, let me know and we’ll come to a suitable arrangement.
Have a wacky idea for an imagery project but don’t think anyone will take it on? Let me be the judge of that.

I am realistic about what I can achieve with the resources available to me and will be upfront with you about those limitations. I’ll let you know immediately if the job is too large or technical for me.
I am passionate about images and will only take on a task if I am certain the results will be excellent. My aim is always to exceed expectations, it is therefore not in my interests to bite off more than I can chew.